photos of tonic string quartet, duo, solo


"just a quick note to thank you very much for the beautiful playing from the string duo on Friday afternoon. It was sooo lovely and it really made the ceremony very special. My fiancee and I loved that special touch you gave our wedding. So charming..."

Monica Sayers



"Thanks for playing at our wedding, it was as magical as i had imagined"


TONIC STRING QUARTET: a passion for music, a flair for performance


"You need to make sure that the right pieces are played. Getting the right advice from someone with knowledge and experience can be the difference between a mediocre wedding and one that is truly distinctive and memorable"
– Bride Online.

The Music that you choose for your Wedding Day is an important part of the occasion. Not only will it reflect the mood and set the tone of your wedding but it will also need to suit a range of music styles and tastes.

String music for your ceremony - usually a softer, more romantic style to set the tone and ease guests into the mood.

The most popular format for Weddings is
• 15 minutes of music played as guests arrive
• a special piece as the bride walks down the aisle
• 1 or 2 pieces as the register is signed
• a piece for the recessional, when the couple leave as husband and wife.

Other formats include music during
• candle ceremonies
• sand ceremonies
• ring warmings
• or an extra piece of music to separate the bride from the bridesmaids.

String music for your reception often includes a wider selection of music to reflect your taste and those of your guests. These can include a traditional string quartet, a mellow jazz or upbeat band or DJ.

After the ceremony, music can also be played
• as drinks and canapés are served
• before the reception dinner
• while photos are being taken to entertain guests

Generally, couples organise a DJ for the reception but some couples prefer strings for the entire night or at least until the end of dinner when the DJ can take over.