tonic string quartet music and instruments




"Thank you so much for performing at our wedding, you were just brilliant and lots of people commented how great you were. I wish i could have had you perfrom for longer"

Felicity Wills







"the music was beautiful and everything went smoothly for which we were grateful. would happily recommend you to any other wedding parties"



TONIC STRING QUARTET: a passion for music, a flair for performance


All prices in $AU

Playing Time Quartet Trio
1hr $1,220 $1,090
1.5hr $1,350 $1,190
2hr $1,480 $1,290
2.5hr $1,610 $1,390
3hr $1,740 $1,490
3.5hr $1,870 $1,590
4hr $2,000 $1,690
4.5hr $2,130 $1,790
5hr $2,260 $1,890

Tonic Terms & Conditions

* The booking fee {deposit} must be paid well in advance to secure the booking. In the event of cancellation, the booking fee is non refundable.

* The remainder of the total fee must be paid 14 days prior to event.In the event of cancellation after this time, the full fee remains payable.

* If a booking date/ time is changed a new booking fee is required.

* If a booking time is reduced 1 month or less before the booking date, the total fee canít be reduced.

* If overtime is required it is charged at time and a half in 30 minute blocks, if the musicians are able to stay and play for longer. Overtime takes effect 5 minutes after the booked time period has elapsed. An additional administration fee is also charged.

* Musicians cannot and will not play in raining conditions, it is suggested that suitable shelter be supplied. Shade is also required when playing outside on hot days. If rain stops play on the day, musicians are still paid for their time and will resume playing if/when rain stops.

* Musicians have the right to refuse playing if bubbles, smoke, open flame/ fire or fog is present.

* Chairs without arms need to be supplied, one for each musician.

* Lighting needs to be supplied if there isn’t enough natural light/room light to read our music.

* Musicians need to take breaks every hour, it is suggested that these breaks coincide with speeches.

* $2 additional per minute driving per musician from CBD {first 45 minutes is free} according to and is calculated one way {not return trip}, an additional petrol fee may also be asked for. We operate from these cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Newcastle and Wollongong.

* Last minute bookings attract higher booking fees.

* Bookings that are +2.5 hours of travel {one way} may require accommodation and or flights.

* In the unlikely event of player absence due to illness or uncontrollable circumstances clients will be refunded the missing player's fee. However, all efforts will be made to bring in a replacement.

* Every arrangement requested that is not on our repertoire list requires a piano/vocal score to be supplied and costs $65 each.

* Public Holidays {Easter, New Years Eve/Day, etc...} attract additional costs.

* Total legal liability is limited to the total amount of the booking fee.

* By paying the booking fee you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.